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Would not it be fun if we can learn about a country, it's capital and various other features of that country while having fun ?

Kids love iPhone apps and spend countless hours on iPhone. How about learning/practicing Geography while having fun on a long drive or on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Geography and Fun. Sounds like oxymoron. That's not exactly true; if a kid can learn about a country, it's capital, currency and other factors, while having fun, that's a fantastic a way to learn geography. Once a kid starts playing KidsGeography, the kid enjoys this game so much that, its unlikely she would realize that she is practicing school geography. Kids starting with kindergarten to High School can play KidsGeography, while learning/practicing various aspects of Geography. This is a novel way to teach Geography to kids. Kids learn not just for the classroom, but the app engages it's users to learn about various aspects of Geography at home, on the road or while on vacation. The auto generated questions challenge kids to master different trivia of Map, country, capitals and many more concepts while having fun. The app keeps track of scores as well as how much time it took to answer all questions. Try it out and have fun with Geography.

Here is a trivia question to start with.

Rome is the Capital of which Country ?? - Italy.

KidsGeography will keep everyone excited and have fun at the same time. Can your kid be a "A" grade in Geography while playing in iPhone? Absolutely …

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